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      NOLAC Blog

      NOLAC NATION Vlog 3

      As the Nation grows, the relationships that have helped us get to this point have grown as well.

      In this Vlog, Jared and Cory traveled to Dallas TX for a quick Meeting with Antonio Brown with a follow up to Toronto to link with Derek Law and the Toronto Blue Jays. -XX-



      Take a Look into some of the people that are Part of THE NATION as we continue to build the Brand 

      NOLAC "THE NATION" Vlog !


       As we Build

      We must be transparent.

      Show the Good, the Struggle and the Growth.

      This is THE NATION xx


      LA Rams to Wear Custom Super Bowl Shirts Made by NOLAC.

      LA Rams to Wear Custom Super Bowl Shirts Made by NOLAC.

      NOLAC, a clothing brand that started out of Pittsburgh, PA has been taking over the apparel industry with the nation’s most athletic and influential repping the brand. Owned and operated by Pittsburgh native Jared Zych, the birth of this brand wasn’t about selling clothes or making money, it was about representing those who felt that they had a higher purpose in life – for the dreamers.

      Since 2013, NOLAC has gained an audience that considers themselves a step above the rest. NOLAC’s pitch to it’s audience is that they are representing a community that thrives off  of motivation and “never compromises”. They don’t take any short cuts and you can be sure that the clothing you buy from them will follow suit. The luxury clothing brand has seen an influx of athletes post pictures in their apparel on Instagram just in the past few months.. This includes Antonio brown, Aaron Donald, Melvin Gordon, Tyler Boyd and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

      This past week, Jared got the call from Aaron Donald to see if he could make NOLAC inspired Super Bowl shirts of the LA Rams. With little time to spare, he didn’t hesitate and got to work. In designing the shirts Jared had to say: “ It's a blessing to have the opportunity, but more so be able to deliver in the quick timeline.”. Jared had to quickly rearrange his schedule so he could drive down to hand deliver the shirts.

      Yesterday, Aaron Donald posted on his Instagram story the custom made shirts in the lockers of all of the players. This is obviously a huge opportunity for NOLAC and will only expedite their growth. As far as the Super Bowl goes - regardless of who wins the game, we know which team will be better dressed.